My name is Cecilia Barbara Walch. I’m a passionated Tourist Guide!


Where? In the Bay of Naples/Italy. I’m proud to do the this vocation since 1999. Certainly I got the full permission guaranteed by the Region Campania/Italy.

Originally I’m from Innsbruck/Austria.  Since my childhood I was delighted by history. Consequently I spent a lot of time with researches. One of my prefered books is acccordingly “The last days of Pompeii”. It influenced in fact all my live. After the studies I worked as licensed Tourist Guide in Salzburg, Innsbruck and Vienna (Austria).

But finally I found my real love in Capri. I live here with with my Capri-native husband since 1993. I’m so greatful to experience the italian (NAPOLITAN) Live-stile, tradition and language. In the meantime I grow up our daughter. I had time to got the “Diploma” (Italian High-School-degree). In fact it helped me a lot to integrate on the best way. Ovviosly teached me my husband and his mother capresan cooking. Now I’m an active citizen member of Capri-Island. I found my home here.

After the studies of Archeology and Languages at the University of Naples I still continue every winter-season recurrend trainings like:

  • 2012 and up to: yearly Up-date “Grande Progetto Pompei” (teached by the Superintendent of Pompeii) Security, Preservation, Rules in Pompei, News of excavations)
  • 2013 Update of First Aid, Update in Naples by UILLTUC (2015,2017,..)
  • 2014 Work-shop Dr. Tigges/Rome: Training: How to guide ” Educational-Tours”
  • 2014 Class Qualification of History/Archology of Pompeii (Amici di Pompeii – Founder Amadeo Maiuri, Prof.Lindinerri) – 40 hours
  • 2015 Specialization Geology, Earthquake and Vulcaology in the Bay of Naples and Italy (University Naples: Prof. Luigi Ferrante, Prof. G. Milano, Prof.essa. P. Petrosino)
  • 2016 Educational specialized for Kids-Tours done in Rome
  • 2017 Naples, Gallery of Capodimonte: Masterpieces of paintings from the 12th to the 18th century.
  • 2018 Privat-Training with nativ speaker in english, focus pronunciation

With Passion, humor and knowledge I entertain my guests by Tailor-made Tours ! I mix history with humor and fun: The result? Guests learn and record more. I love to interact with the world! Thats why I train always languages. I speak fluently four German, English, Italian and NAPOLITAN. This allows me to introduce You, my guests, to this country, it’s people and its history. Languages have always been the key to this mervalous world!

My continuous researches in archaeology include  the  sciences of Antiquity, Art history, the History of the Romans and the Greeks, Mythology, Volcanology, Geography, Politics, Laws, Costumes of the country, Cooking as well as Languages and Idioms.

“La vita e bella! – Live is so beautiful!”

My Hobby?

I love: My family, animals, gardening and botany. I’m amazed by history and archeology. I love genuine food, cooking and wine, as well as interaction with people.